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  Optimise your financial performance and complete management reporting, budgets and period-end tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency
Emerald Financials is a complete financial management software tool that allows you to automate many of your financial processes, establish greater security around those processes, manage cash flow better and gain enhanced insights into your operations. The functionality can be scaled up or down to suit your individual business needs making it suitable for businesses of any size.
* Integrate your financial management tasks to drive efficiency throughout your operations
* Focus on the data output rather than collecting the data in the first place
* Make better business decisions with accurate data captured and delivered to you in a timely fashion via robust business processes
* Complete set of financial tools including General ledger, Account payable, Account Recievable, Fixed asset, Prepayments, arrears, and payroll

Key Functionality & Benefits

Period End close – produce accurate quarterly and annual financial statements for individual business units or your entire business that comply with regulatory, organisational and stakeholder requirements.
Corporate Risk and Governance Compliance – develop structures and business processes to comply with organisational and recognised compliance standards.
Integrate your financial supply chain – strengthen every aspect of your financial supply chain with integrated, robust processes, including establishing electronic purchase request and authorisation limits.
Streamline payments and invoices – improve your Account Payable and Account Recievable management and drive payment efficiencies.
Multi-company consolidations - consolidate any number of companies quickly and easily.
Cash flow management – track, identify and manage your cash flow, liquidity and your exposed financial risk quickly and easily via integrated, automated processes.
Monitor financial performance – report on key financial metrics and develop an accurate understanding of your true financial position at any point in time.
Accessibility to suit your needs – access and deploy your financial data and systems in a way that is best suited to your needs, either via cloud services or through in-house systems.
Integrated project (job) accounting - plan, manage and more profitably run your company's activities, whether they are large scale

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